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Sold Engagement Ring
"I sold my 5 carat engagement ring for $51,000! I can't believe how fast and easy this was"
--- By P.L.

Happy with the Price and Speed
"I never thought I could get $150,000 my diamond in the same day. Everyone else was saying they would give me $50 to 60,000, but you guys gave me the right price."
--- Anonymous

Impressed with the Fast Payment
"I am really amazed that I could get the money I needed that fast. I sold a rolex watch that I didn't wear any more. Thanks for everything."
--- By R.B.

" I sold my diamond necklaces for 2Gs. It was fast and easy."
---- By C.M

2 Carat made $5K
"Sold a ring that had been laying in my drawer for years and made $5,000"
--- By K.W.

Likes how Easy it was
"When you said 'cash on the spot' you really meant it. I had the money in hand within minutes. Easy and Simple"
--- By J.M.

Great service, Generous Businessmen
"A business that is genuinely willing to help you. I took a few pieces and honestly received more than I thought I would. I got really low offers from others
---- By K. S.

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